SARKARNAMA by Abhijit Sarkar - Power of Words

SARKARNAMA by Abhijit Sarkar - Power of Words

"Aisi vaani boliye, Man ka aapa khoye,

Auran ko sheetal kare, Aapahu sheetal hoye."

Kabir knew the power spoken words exert on mind and soul. Taking a leaf from Kabir's wisdom, SARKARNAMA brings a special presentation.

In an age and culture where being mean and cruel through written and spoken words has become as normal as breathing, we are becoming blind to the toxic effects it is leaving behind - plaguing a generation that is preceded by the wise and soft words of Meerabai, Kabir, Soordas, Ghalib, to name a few.

We hope this episode make you look inwards. We also hope you enjoy watching this presentation as much as we enjoyed making it.

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